12 Junio, 2017

Sello de Confianza Turística “Destino Jerez”

The acceptance of the commandments of Destino Jerez by members of our Cluster grants the use of the “Sello de Confianza Turística Destino Jerez” which allows visitors, customers and users to differentiate the firms which have voluntarily accepted and ethical and responsible standards with Jerez.


1. All activities must be in accordance of the current laws and by laws.

2 Tourists must be regarded as wealth and employment generators for the whole of our society.

3. We must promote a sustainable and responsible tourism in accordance with the rules of the Ethical Code of the World Tourism Organization

4. Actively help and support members of the Cluster and tourism focused companies in Jerez and nearby cities which might be able to supply quality offers to our visitors.

5. Boost and help the tourism based start-ups in Jerez, with special interest in those who showcase cultural tourism and the heritage of our town.

6. Offer tourism for all, with options which can be enjoyed equally by able bodied, disabled, children, elderly and people who might be in risk of some sort social disadvantage.

7. Advertise and promote our cultural and historic heritage, may be it tangible or intangible.

8. Create quality tourism products and services which should be based on the cultural, social and heritage assets which differ us from other destinations and offer them with the greatest quality possible.

9. Promote and push social responsibility within the firms.

10. Whenever possible, share the knowledge, ideas and gained experience which might be able to improve a responsible and sustainable tourism in Jerez.
Grant and use of the “Trust Mark” DESTINO JEREZ.